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wecast wifi dongle receiver

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wecast wifi dongle receiver


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Wirelees display receiver

Quick start guide


Thank you for buying our wecast wirelees display receiver.you can read the manual to get a comprehensive understanding for it and enjoy the actual functions and easy oprations.

Our device is mainly used to cast the small screen to bigger screen.it can synchronously push the videos,musics,photos,documents and games to tv and projector,suitable for home entertainment,business,meetings,eductions,training and etc.

Pictures in this manual are just for reference,if any pictures do not match with the real product,the real product shall prevail.our company reserves that we will not inform you while the manual content revised time to time.

System requirements

iOSIOS and above,iPhone4+iPad2+iPod4+
AndroidAndroid 4.2 model with 1GB RAM
WindowsWindows 8.1+


1.1 connecting

1.1 connecting the dongle to the TV or projector with HDMI port as follows:        Note:pls check whether the USB port or projector is workable or not.if not pls

Use USB cable to connect the USB power adapter to charger the dongle.

1.2 pls set TV or projector’s output mode to HDMI and connect with dongle to watch the wecast menu.


2.1 if long time not use the dongle,pls unplug the usb powe cable to save electricity.

2.2 pls put the dongle in a relatively good signal environment,then it can ensure that the intractions among the dongle,the android/iOS devices and WIFI router/hotsport have the good bandwitch and low latency wireless signal.

2.3 pls make sure that wifi singal is storong enough between wifi router,dongle and portable smart

Phone/laptop/windows8.1/mac10.8 laptop.

2.4 the latest firmware will be updated automatically time to time online while the dongle connecting well with internet.

3.Guidance of  Ios device setting

3.1 short press the mode button of dongle and swich to DLNA mode

3.2  Airplay mirroring settings

Open the WIFI of the Ios devices,search and connect to dongle SSID wecast-     xxxxxx ( the defauld password  12345678 ),open airplay mirroring,mirror your IOS device’s small screen to the bigger screen of  TV/projector.

3.3 pls connect the external WIFI router if you want to enjoy online videos/music/pictures,etc ,pls,set as follow :

3.3.1  ios device connect to dongle SSID wecast –xxxxx withour airplay mirroring.

3.3.2 pls scan the QR code on the UI or open the browser and input to enterinto the settings click the WIFI icon,chosee the available WIFI, and input passwoard,then connct.

3.3.3  after connected the router,there will be the router’s name on the TV screen and once you succeed in connecting the router,next time,when you boot up the dongle ,it will automatically connect the router meanwhile,IOS device could connected  the dongler or the router (which dongle connect ) to do the mirroning.

3.4  Airplay setting

3.4.1 connect the dongler with external routers,pls take 3.3 for reverence.

 3.4.2 after connected the router,there are two methods to airplay the online videos /music to the HDTV / projector.

A : Ios device connected the same router as the dongle connects in this case,the ios device and dongle are in the same wifi environment.

B  : IOS device connect wecast-xxxxxx.

3.4.3 open the music/video app with the (airplay function )on the ios device choose music or video,and you cloud airplay them to the HDTV/projector.

3.5 after that,you cloud run the player in blackgroun.and your phone cloud do other thinks,like calling,massager text,playing games,etc.these do not influence the music playing/movies.s


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